Information for Clients

Stribling Counseling provides a safe and nurturing environment to treat people of any age suffering from mental health issues.

Counselors at Stribling Counseling believe that it is important to treat the whole person: emotionally, physically, socially, intellectually, and spiritually to help improve one’s overall well-being.  

Stribling Counseling strives to achieve and maintain a reputation as a highly respected, trusted, and effective counseling service for children, teens, and adults within Western Loudoun County and surrounding areas.


    • Fee for an initial visit: $160.00
    • Fee for subsequent sessions: $130.00
    • Fee for a resident therapist (non-licensed): $80.00
    • Fee for a missed session or late cancellation: $130.00
    • Fee for attendance at court proceedings: $130.00 per hour
    • Fee for special research: $130 per hour
    • Fee for written reports for courts, disability applications or schools: $130 per hour

Insurance Coverage

There are many different types of coverage for clients who are covered by insurance plans. Some insurance companies require that the client pay a co-payment for each session. Other insurance companies vary in the amount they pay for the session. In some cases, clients are responsible for the balance not covered by the insurance. All financial obligations need to be paid at the time of service. Fee schedules are reviewed annually and changes are made if necessary. Clients will be notified of fee changes.

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