Teen Counseling

Teens are often confused and scared by the concept of therapy. Some teens know something is not right - they feel sad all the time or are more nervous than their friends. These teens may be scared that they are "crazy" and they will be locked away. Other teens think everything is fine with them, it's just the world that is messed up. Well, sometimes they are right and sometimes not, either way, they still need to learn the coping skills necessary to succeed in our society.

We treat teens with respect, giving them control over their treatment in a healthy, managed format. All humans - especially teens - have opinions and those opinions are valued by our therapists. Using Cognitive Behavior Therapy, we explore the thoughts behind the opinions and the effect the thoughts and opinions are having on their behavior.

We also look for where teens are successful and try to build on that success. We humans, do not fit into the cookie cutter molds that are ever present in our society. Finding and succeeding in activities that we are passionate about allows us to learn the skills necessary to succeed in other areas of life.

    • If you are experiencing problems, what are the possible solutions?
    • How have you tried to resolve your issues and succeeded or failed?

During the assessment process and throughout treatment, we strive to help those involved move in a direction that will be most beneficial to the teen and the family. We can also arrange to have an assessment period to determine whether or not therapy is necessary. This period usually lasts between 4 - 6 sessions. During this time we will use interviews and play therapy tools as well as formal written testing protocols. Mood, behavior, and thinking are among the factors we assess to determine if anything is significantly disrupting the individual’s life.

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