It helps to hear what other people have to say, so with permission from these clients, we would like to share their thoughts and words with you. In Our Clients' Words...

Clients of Henry Stribling, LCSW

"Henry was very helpful in getting me to understand what was not obvious to me, but very relevant. He was non-judgmental, but also direct and did not pull any punches. I liked the way he used examples from his own experience to explain a situation. Henry is personable and an easy going guy and I always felt comfortable talking to him even if the subject was not necessarily pleasant." 

 “What I loved best about seeing you, was you did not let me off the hook. If I was heading in the wrong direction, you would interrupt and set me straight. I hated it, but you were ALWAYS right.” 

 “You didn't let me wallow in the mire...you helped me see how my past was affecting my life, today, and moving forward.” … “On a lighter note, with issues with Jerry*, you helped me adjust my behavior to best help Jerry when I was off target. Raising a difficult kid is not easy. You were a great part of the team that helped him get through some rough times.” …“Jerry clearly loved you and always saw you as a resource. When something came up during the week, he would mutter, “I’m going to talk to Mr. Henry about this.” He never saw you with the stigma of a therapist…...he saw you as a confidant and friend.”  Name changed to protect the privacy of the individuals.

"Henry Stribling is a therapist that establishes a good relationship with his clients and helps them understand and work through their problems. He is a relatable, professional, but good at connecting. His therapeutic style is one of a kind and very effective."

"We have been going to Mr. Henry for almost 2 years.  I find his ability to understand a situation and give straightforward and practical advice invaluable to my son and me.  He has a fantastic way of relating to a child on their level and sensing what they need or want when sometimes they can’t express it clearly.  I have recommended him on several occasions to others who are looking for help for their child."

Clients of Kim Stribling, MSW, LCSW

"After my treatment for Breast Cancer was finished, I thought I could go right back to my life doing all the things I used to do, but found that I had changed to such a degree that I didn’t know “who” I was.  I was having an “identity” crisis.  I looked completely different.  Old friends didn’t recognize me.  It was shocking and I was disoriented and a little afraid.  My doctor told me that a form of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) was not unusual for people who go through treatment for cancer and suggested that I find a counselor.  I found Kim Stribling through a member of a B.C. support group.  Kim helped me to see myself through new eyes, by working through the past events of treatment and relationships with family members.  I experienced a feeling of confidence and release with Kim. If you or someone you know is going through treatment or is finished with treatment for cancer, I highly recommend that you see Kim Stribling."

"My husband and I had several sessions with Kim and during that time we learned many ways for better communication. both my husband and I took part in the sessions. Often in these situations it seems one person does the talking, but Kim made it comfortable enough for both of us to participate. As a result, we still return from time to time tfor a "touch base," and appreciate the insight gained as we continue growing our relationship of 25 years."

"I sought services from Kim at a time in my life when many family-related events and circumstances hit me hard. I was very anxious and my life was out of balance. Kim provided a calm, reassuring, level-headed approach to reclaiming that balance. She was compassionate and professional, and I began to feel better very quickly. I continue to be very grateful that I worked with her, and would highly recommend her!"

"I didn't know what I expected or wanted when I went to counseling, but it turns out that Kim was just what I needed during a difficult time. She provided me with a direct, honest, and no-nonsense approach as we explored issues together. It was sometimes painful to have that mirror but it allowed me to see and understand my actions, as well as others, and that was critical to moving forward.  I appreciated most that Kim insisted on staying focused on the goals we set in the beginning and didn't let me wallow in self-pity or anger. I once gave her a Kierkegaard quote 'Life can only be understood backwards, but must be lived forward'  as one of my lessons learned from her and even today I pull out 'Kim Truths' during times of needed reflection to get through stressful periods. I have recommended Kim to others and believe she has a unique ability to adapt her style to her patients."

Clients of Holly Saporito, LCSW

"Mrs. Holly helped me talk to my family. We worked things out and are better now." - Denise age 10

"I trust what we talked about in session. I felt comfortable and was able to solve my personal issues. She helped me with my anxiety and depression." - Kathy age 27

 "Holly really helped my daughter work through separation anxiety. I was very concerned when we first started therapy because my daughter would scream, cry, and hold on to me while refusing to go into school. We were able to work through these issues and now my daughter goes to school without any problem. She also is able to talk about her feelings." - Milly, mother of child age 6


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